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Whether I had it on my real nails or over acrylic, gel was my go-to.

Sally Hansen Gel Manicure: Each starter kit gives you up to ten full gel manicures.It all started almost 10 years ago (2012 to be exact) when Sephora partnered with OPI to launch their Gelshine Kit.

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So, when I have a special occasion or have earned a reward for four weeks of exercising, I like to get a gel manicure.

Apply in three basic steps (base coat, color, top coat, while curing between each), plus the remover comes included in the kit.Meaning, gel manicures tend to last longer and look better than manicures done with regular nail polish.Acrylic and gel nails are artificial nail enhancements done in place of natural nails.

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If you think you will use it a lot then get a good one but if you just want a UV lamp for a few polishes then you could get a smaller and cheaper one.After 1 week and a half, the gel peeled right off (and took my nail with it).

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It is odorless and totally worth the money as it stays for a longer time than acrylic nails.

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Two weeks of chip free polish and having it dry instantly before leaving the salon.But gel nails with a light kit was the only thing that would stay on my nails.

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But dermatologists hate them because of problems with infection, nail damage and cancer.

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A regular manicure can chip immediately after you leave the salon, but most dip-powder manicures claim to last up to three weeks longer than gel manicures.

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When I started to see pins on Pinterest about different ways to do your own version of a gel manicure at home, I just had to know if it actually worked or if it was all a cruel trick.

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UV lamps on the other hand cure both LED and UV polishes so it might be worth it to get a second UV lamp if you like a lot of UV polish brands.I have rarely if ever dealt with chipping, and they last me until.

Applying gel nails gives you the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails.We offer a wide variety of nail enhancement and beauty services such as Gel Nails, shellac Nails, Shellac Toes, Manicures and Pedicures (Coming soon).

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Specifically, I have a gel manicure hack for extending the life of your gel manicure.In the past, I have only had standard manicures which are cheaper and chip very quickly.

Before I was introduced to the world of gel manicures, my evenings always consisted of me removing the chipped nail polish and then painting my nails all over once again.

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